In this series of drawings, phenomenally transparent sequence of spaces
produced by organization and articulation of sequential and continuous
planes or ordered frames is examined. Four architectural works that embody
varying aspects of this sequential framing is explored.

Montage - Hadrian’s villa
Collision - Santa Francesca Romana, temple of Venus
Stratification - San Giovanni in Laterano
Fragmentation - Val’s thermal Baths

Montage - Hadrian’s villa
The Hadrian’s Villa weaves multiple linear sequences into a complex
composition that are hinged from shifting referential axis. Among them,
one string of sequences was closely observed. From the entrance to the
end of the dining hall, methods of framing and implied geometries are
used to piece together the sequence of spaces to form a composite whole.

Collision - Santa Francesca Romana, temple of Venus
Situated between the Colosseum and the Forum, this basilica had undergone
several reconstructions and extensions from the ninth century, added to the second
century ruin. It is now a complex of a basilica, a monastery and an office for the
Ministry of Culture. The fragmented spaces are conjoined by juxtaposition and
superimposition, which results in a sequence of collision by a process of addition.
The progression of the monk from the basilica to the monastery and finally to the
temple of Venus is described in the drawing as a spatio-temporal labyrinth, where
the intertwined pathways are anchored by rhythms of framed views and referential
elements that are aligned in a linear order.

Stratification - San Giovanni in Laterano
Stratification and gridding creates a sensation of progression and
transcendence in this Archbasilica. It describes the spatialized
relationship of our world and the heavenly realm. (refer to section
coexistence in Realms essay)

Fragmentation - Val’s thermal Baths
The Val’s thermal baths by Peter Zumthor fosters a heightened sense of
interiority by adopting frames to fragment a larger whole into sections.
The drawing takes a look at the exterior baths, where the formal
geometries construct a rhythmic interplay of mass and nonmass, light and
non-light, lightness and heaviness.