Analysis of Rievaulx Abbey

This preliminary design proposal for an institute for performing arts, to exist within the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey was designed while writing the Ruins essay within my Master Thesis entitled Enframed. It was an investigative process drawings that assesses the current condition of Rievaulx Abbey, and begins to explore a potential introduction of a new entity.

existing, and altered sequence
The current state of ruins result in a spatial progression different from the
historically intended configuration. the remaining interior doors suggest
the movement throughout the site.

current approach to the site
the current approach to the ruins follow a path around the ruin, through
a museum building, and finally to the chapterhouse, directed by the
sequenced audio guide points around the site. the inhabitants movement
throughout the site is currently choreographed by the historical narrative.

existing explicit and implicit framing
Frames suggested by the current edges of the ruins, and the viewing
relationship between these frames are studied.

new interiorities
new interiors found in the remnants of the abbey are observed. interiors
suggested by walls higher than the eye-sight level is noted, as well as an
open area that belongs to each interior.

introduction of a new entity
Potential insertion of a new entity is contemplated

existing axis, and new entry sequence
Potential insertion of a new entity is explored, with consideration for
programmatic relationship to the historical memory of each space

experiential section of the existing axis
The current approach to the site is choreographed around an axis running
EW, at the midpoint of the ascending hills

experiential section of proposed entry sequence and axis
With the introduction of a new axis running NS as the public entry
sequence and the existing EW axis as the private, spatial progression and
programmatic relationships between the interior volumes of the ruins is